Selecting a Contractor

My contractor is offering a one-year warranty on my asphalt shingle roof system-is that the industry standard?

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Before answering the question, a clarification needs to be made about the different warranties you will come across during your roofing project. First, there will be the asphalt shingle manufacturer's warranty. In general, this warranty covers defects in the manufacture of the shingle. The period of coverage can range from 20 years to a lifetime. [...]

I received several estimates to replace my asphalt shingle roof system and the prices vary greatly

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If one estimate seems much lower than the others and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many fly-by-night contractors' below-cost bids seem attractive, but these contractors often are uninsured and perform substandard work. If an estimate is confusing, ask the contractor to break down the estimate into items/terms you can understand.

I received three significantly different proposals from contractors. How should I decide which contractor to select?

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Clearly written proposals that are detailed and broken down into separate line items are a good sign that the contractor is being thorough and has prepared an accurate estimate. The following is a partial list of items your estimate or proposal should include: The type of roof covering, manufacturer and color Materials to be included [...]